Resources, Apprentices and Safety RAS

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Assists the Department Head (DH) in his mission by

  • Supports the department on the overall management and planning of departmental resources (budget and personnel);
    • ensures the administrative assistance to the DH and the Groups in the form of central and Group Secretariats as well as information and communication across the department.
    • supports management and DH in the short term and long term financial resource planning for the Department.
    • prepares DH negotiations and arbitration inside the department or between departments. This includes general services such as financial administration (follow-up of invoices, contracts, requests for funds, inventory, etc.) and the management of the TE car pool and spaces under the responsibility of TE.
  • Ensures the follow-up of technical and administrative matters and the implementation of decisions of the TE management (TEMB) and Technical (TETM) boards. This includes¬†reporting and information exchange among the DH and Group Leaders for all aspects related to the Maintenance and Operation (M&O) of running accelerators and related infrastructures and their consolidation;
  • Takes part in the definition and follow-up of the TE R&D program, contributions to to projects and studies; helps in particular with the QA follow-up of work packages, milestones and resources; acts on behalf of the DH for the follow-up of the execution of the TE projects and as TE representative in CERN KT and EU committees;
  • Further steers the implementation and follow-up of the Collaboration Agreements with outside laboratories and institutions, including the ones in partnership whit projects and studies and the externally funded collaborations;
  • Coordinates the CERN technical apprentice program for the Organization and links the Swiss professional training centre's; this includes their recruitment, assignment of projects and training;
  • Coordinates the training of personnel, Fellows, Students, Trainees and Associates programs including the department needs collection for HR committees and their performance evaluation;
  • Supports the Department and high level management, through the TE DSO, with the implementation and roll-out of safety decisions taken by Department Head;
  • Represents the Department in CERN-wide and inter-departmental bodies dealing with administrative, personnel, budget matters.
Mandate 2021-2025