Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats MSC

Dipole LHC Magnet transfer from TI2 to LHC tunnel during LS2

  • Support to operation, maintenance and consolidation of superconducting and resistive magnets, current leads and ancillary systems in CERN accelerator complex and experimental areas;
  • Contribution to HL-LHC Project:
    • Management and execution of work packages 11, 13 and 6a and support to work package 16.
    • Responsible for the timely delivery of compliant magnets and cold powering systems.
  • Operation, maintenance and upgrade of infrastructures and test facilities to preserve and expand unique capabilities in the field of superconductors and accelerator magnets;
  • R&D and new studies:
    • Definition, implementation and follow-up of conductor and magnet R&D, in the framework of High Field Magnet (HFM) program (robust and cost-effective Nb3Sn dipole magnet, exploring the limits of Nb3Sn and exploring the potentials of HTS) and other accelerator projects at CERN and at partner institutes.
    • Development of innovative diversification programs to valorize know-how and infrastructures.
  • Preservation and development of competency poles to consolidate and increase in -house expertise and form the central nodes of collaboration networks within CERN and with partner institutes around the world.
Mandate 2021-2025