Machine Protection and Electrical Integrity MPE


Support LHC operation and maintain state‐of‐the art technology for magnet circuit protection and interlock systems for the present and future accelerators, magnet test facilities and CERN hosted experiments.

Provide a CERN central service for the layout, industrialization and production of electronics modules either based on industrial standards or fine pitch detector specific technologies. Make available expertise for application specific designs requiring R&D in the domains where CERN is at the forefront.

  • Responsibility for the electrical integrity of magnet circuits.
  • Coordination of the LHC machine protection systems ("Hardware Commissioning") and magnet circuit performance evaluation.
  • Coordination of the LHC machine protection systems and responsibility for its coherence and overall performance.
  • Electronics Coordination within the TE Department aiming at assuring best design quality and reliability, by promoting communication between groups with electronics expertise, creating synergies among designers and applying quality assurance practices.
  • Specific studies related to machine protection for topics that go across different systems.
  • Responsibility for the functional operation of DFBs, DLSs and their auxiliary equipment.
  • Responsibility for the electrical quality assurance (ELQA) during magnet interconnections and hardware commissioning as well as for electrical diagnostics and interventions during operation.
  • Responsibility for the magnet protection system and machine interlocks for the CERN accelerator complex, during design, construction and exploitation.
  • To guarantee permanence of expertise, follow the state-of-the-art and to develop knowledge for design, construction and operation of failsafe and reliable electronics.

Approved by the TE Department Head for the period 2016-2020.