TE Roles


Roles Name
Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) Georgina Hobgen
Departmental Administrative Officer Deputy (DDAO) Mariane Catallon
Departmental Planning Officer (DPO) Lisette van den Boogaard
Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) Thomas Otto
Departmental Space Manager (DSM) Germana Riddone
Departmental Training Officer (DTO) Georgina Hobgen
Knowledge & Technology Transfer  Davide Aguglia
Medical Applications Valeria Perez Reale
Data Protection Officer Georgina Hobgen

TE coordinators for HR programs:

Committees Name

AFC Selection coordinator

Selection of Fellows, Paid Scientific and Corresponding Associates

Valeria Perez Reale

TSC Selection coordinator

Selection of Technical and Doctoral Students

Valeria Perez Reale