Technology Department

Superconducting Magnet Design and Technology (MDT)

  • Superconducting magnet design and technology: from functional specification to the construction of short prototypes.
  • Design study of the LHC upgrade and future projects involving superconducting magnets.
  • Superconducting magnet performance analysis and feedback on the design.
  • Magnetic model of the LHC, and support to beam commissioning and operation (FiDeL and WISE).
  • Superconducting magnet insulation development and CERN-wide support for polymer casting and rapid prototyping.


Tri-monthly updates on section activity


  • Nicholas Bourcey
  • Sebastien Clement
  • Dominique Cote
  • Vladimir Datskov
  • Gijs De Rijk
  • Carlos Fernandes
  • Paolo Ferracin
  • Laura Garcia Fajardo
  • Remy Gauthier
  • Marco Goncalves Lopes
  • Per Hagen
  • Susana Izquierdo Bermudez
  • Mariusz Juchno
  • Mikko Karppinen
  • Glyn Kirby
  • Loic Lambert
  • Gregory Maury
  • Jacky Mazet
  • Jorge Enrique Munoz Garcia
  • Juan Carlos Perez
  • Xabier Sarasola Martin
  • David Smekens
  • Ezio Todesco
  • Jeroen Van Nugteren
  • Giovanni Volpini



Repository of references on superconducting magnets

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