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Useful Forms

Here are some forms you may find helpful. Some of them are available in pdf format so that they can be filled directly on screen. We recommend not to save them on your hard-disk as they may possibly change.


Application Forms - Registration

Staff Members


Marie Curie Actions

Scientific & Corresponding Associates Programme

CERN Student Programme

"CERN Children"


Unpaid Associate (UPAS) - Registration  (English, French)

External  (English, French)

Project Associate Proposal

Project Associate Collaboration Agreement

Project Associate - Registration (English, French)

Registration Computer Account Remote Desktop BTE Desktop Support Exceptional HRT Access
Swiss Card Instruction French Card Instruction Cards Office Car Stickers Taxation
Human Resources
HR Administrative forms Allowances & Grants MARS Career related Documents Induction Programme
Industrial Services
Industrial Services HomePage Temporary Labour
Medical Expenses Claim   (English, French) CERN Health Insurance Scheme   (English, French)
Official Holidays Saved Leave Scheme
Appointment or Change of Team Leader for Users
(English, French)
Appointment or Change of Group Leader for Users
(English, French)
CERN Business Cards Cylinder Request CERN Bike Books
DAI Material Request TID
Internal Factual Accident Report Accident Declaration (HS 50)   (English, French)

Education fees  (English, French)

Education Systems in CH & FR  (English, French)

CERN Nursery School   (English, French)

Transport - Travel
Travel Authorization Subsistence allowances Shipping request Transport/Handling Request
Vehicules - Removals

Importation into Switzerland (removal&vehicles) (English, French)

Importation into France (removal) (English, French)
Registration of vehicule in Switzerland (English, French) Registration of vehicule in France (English, French)