Projects, Planning and Resources PPR

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Assists the Department Head in his mission by:

  • Ensuring the follow-up of technical and administrative matters and the implementation of decisions of the TE Management (TEMB) and Technical (TETM) Boards. It ensures the reporting and information exchange among the DH and Group Leaders (GL) for all aspects related to the Maintenance and Operation (M&O) of running accelerators and related infrastructures, including their consolidation.

  • Takes part in the definition and follow-up of the TE R&D program, contributions to Projects and Studies; helps in particular with the QA follow-up of work packages, milestones and resources; acts on behalf of the DH for the follow-up of the execution of the TE Projects and as TE Representative in CERN KT and EU Committees.

  • Further steers the implementation and follow-up of the Collaboration Agreements with outside laboratories and institutions, including the ones in partnership with Projects and Studies and the externally funded collaborations.

  • Supports the Department on the overall management and planning of departmental resources (budget and personnel); ensures the administrative assistance to the DH and the Groups in the form of central and Group Secretariats, as well as information and communication across the Department; prepares DH negotiations and arbitration inside the department or between departments. This includes the general services such as the financial administration (follow-up of invoices, contracts, requests for funds, inventory, etc.) and the management of the TE Car Pool and spaces under the responsibility of TE.

  • ¬†Coordinates the training of personnel, the CERN apprentice program and all Fellows, Students, Trainees and Associates programs, including their performance evaluation.

  • Represents the Department in CERN-wide and inter-Departmental bodies dealing with administrative, personnel, budget matters.

Approved by the TE Department Head for the period 2016-2020