Accelerator Beam Transfer ABT

HL-LHC kicker magnet (MKI)

The ABT group is in charge of the design, development, construction, installation, exploitation and maintenance of injection and extraction related equipment:

  • Fast pulsed magnets with their triggering systems, high voltage pulse generators and transmission lines;
  • Electric field deflectors and magnetic septa, including high voltage power supplies for electrostatic septa;
  • Protection devices and other specialised injection/extraction related systems;
  • Associated equipment-level control systems and software.

The group also conceives, studies and designs injection and extraction processes and systems in the accelerator complex, and beam transfer lines between accelerators and up to targets. It contributes to operational follow-up of beam transfer systems, including the LHC transfer lines, injection and beam dumping systems, together with their potential upgrades. It performs R&D on related technologies and also manages external relations with other institutes/labs/universities, teaching/student supervision and dissemination of expertise.

Approved by the TE Department Head for the period 2016-2020.