Technology Department

Surfaces, Chemistry and Coatings(SCC)


Maintenance, consolidation and upgrade of CERN cleaning, coating, chemical and surface analysis facilities.

  • Thin film coating infrastructures with a special focus on physical deposition techniques;
  • Specific plasma techniques for processing of surfaces, as plasma cleaning and glow discharge;

  • Infrastructure for wet surface treatments including cleaning, electropolishingand electroplating methods;
  • Surface, chemical and electrochemical analyses techniques;

  • Operation of the CERN station for treatment of waste water.

Thin film coatings by evaporation and magnetron sputtering;

Numerical simulations of coatings, vacuum pressure distribution and plasmas;

Surface treatments and cleaning for UHV applications;

Surface and chemical analysis, radiation damage of polymeric materials, gas analysis and corrosion studies;

Networking with external institutes to provide access to additional analysis techniques not available at CERN.