Technology Department

Injectors & Vacuum Measurements (IVM)

Monitoring, maintenance & consolidation of the beam vacuum systems of the PS Complex, beam transfer lines to SPS, CTF and CLEX, SPS Complex, beam transfer lines to LHC, CNGS primary proton beam line.

Operate and ensure the availability of the Vacuum Laboratory infrastructures allowing the Vacuum measurements including for other groups:

  • Outgassing measurements and analysis;

  • Permeation, pumping speed and pumping capacities, etc;

  • Vacuum test stands to study beam related vacuum phenomenon at ambient and cryogenic temperatures relevant for the injectors.

Group-wide procurement, repair, maintenance and calibration of UHV vacuum gauges, residual gas analyzers.

Operation, maintenance & consolidation of the furnace infrastructure for high temperature treatments under vacuum (firing).

Logistics & storage of strategic spares for all Vacuum systems under the Section’s responsibility.

Vacuum Expertise and Support to Projects and to other Groups for the design and specification of vacuum related components, verification of the drawings.

Responsible for the vacuum acceptance tests for all equipments to be installed in the beam vacuum systems under the Section’s responsibility.