Technology Department

Engineering & Insulation Vacuum(EIV)

Monitoring, maintenance & consolidation of the LHC QRL, arc & standalone magnet insulation vacuum.

Operate and ensure the availability of the vacuum infrastructure allowing the maintenance in SMA18:

  • Group-wide procurement, repair and maintenance of the high vacuum gauges (excluding hot cathode gauges, residual gas analyzers), mechanical pumps, sector valves and leak detectors;
  • Maintenance of other vacuum components.

Engineering support, logistics & storage of strategic spares for LHC insulation vacuum and detector beam vacuum.

CERN-wide expertise in vacuum engineering (including calculations and simulations) and specific vacuum technologies for chambers, thin-wall vacuum chambers, sealing components & bellows, and support to projects and to other groups for the design and specification of vacuum related components, including verification of the drawings.

CERN-wide expertise for leak detection.

Vacuum acceptance tests for all equipment to be installed in the LHC insulation vacuum.