Technology Department


The Technology Department is responsible for technologies which are specific to existing particle accelerators, facilities and future projects.

The main domains of activities cover: magnets (superconducting, normal conducting, fast pulsed magnets, electrostatic and magnetic septa), their machine integration and protection, power converters, cryogenics, high and ultra-high vacuum systems, coatings and surface treatments.

The Technology department is responsible for injection and extraction systems in the entire accelerator complex and for beam transfer lines between accelerators and primary beam lines up to targets.

The Technology Department is responsible for the specification, procurement, commissioning, operation, maintenance and consolidation of the equipment for the above systems for CERN accelerator complex.

The Technology Department provides a CERN central service for the layout, industrialization and production of electronics modules either based on industrial standards or fine pitch detector specific technologies.

The Technology Department provides support to the experimental detectors, mainly for cryogenics, vacuum, coatings, surface treatments and power converters.

The dominating part of the activities for the next few years is the operation of the LHC (LHC ring and injectors) and its upgrades (LHC injector consolidation, Linac 4, HL-LHC).

The Technology Department is responsible to guarantee permanence of expertise, follow the state-of-the-art and to develop knowledge in the particle accelerator technology fields.

The Technology Department is responsible to design equipments, systems and studies where necessary for consolidations, upgrades and future CERN projects (CLIC, HE-LHC, ...)