Committees   Chairperson Alternate
TE Management Board TEMB J.M. Jimenez V. Mertens
TE Technical Meetings TE-TM J.M. Jimenez V. Mertens
Magnet Evaluation Board MEB S. Le Naour  
LHC Machine Committee LMC P. Collier  
Injectors & Experimental Facilities Committee IEFC R. Saban  
LHC Magnet circuits, Powering and Perfomance Panel MP3 A. Verweij  
Long Shutdown 2 Committee LS2 J.M. Jimenez  


Working Groups

Working Group   Representative Alternate
Cable Working Group CWG B. Puccio / D. Tommasini  
LHC Commissioning Working Group LHCCWG    
FiDeL: The Magnetic Model of the LHC FiDeL    
Machine Studies Working Group MSWG J.P. Burnet EPC /  M. Barnes ABT / A. Siemko MPE / P. Chiggiato VSC L. Sermeus ABT / G. De Rijk MSC / R. Kersevan VSC


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