Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings

Design, construction, operation, maintenance and upgrade of high & ultra-high vacuum systems for accelerators and detectors.

•Expertise and support on thin-walled vacuum chambers, windows and bellows compensation systems;

•Expertise in vacuum sealing and leak-tightness technology;

•Expertise in dynamic vacuum phenomena;

•Management of the industrial support contract for vacuum work in accelerators;

•Expertise in vacuum control systems, vacuum interlocks and monitoring tools;

•Simulation of pressure profiles and synchrotron radiation distribution in accelerators.


Coatings, surfaces treatments, surface and chemical analysis for Accelerators and Detectors. Expertise and support in the fields of:

•Coatings, electroplating and surface cleaning techniques;

•Plasma characterisation and simulation;

•UHV characterization of material and surfaces;

•Degassing analysis and treatments.



Approved by the TE Department Head for the period 2016-2020.


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