Cryogenics Group (CRG)

CRG group is responsible of the design, construction, operation & maintenance of cryogenic systems for accelerators and detectors.

  • Design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the cryogenic systems for CERN accelerators and detectors
  • Operation, maintenance and upgrade of cryogenic test facilities
  • Support for low-temperature developments and tests at the Central Cryogenic Laboratory
  • Supply of cryogenic fluids on the CERN site
  • Consultancy and support in cryogenic design and cryogenic instrumentation.

Piquet instrumentation Controls and Electrical  168798
Piquet LHC Detector 160124
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Affectations LHC Cryo OA

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CRG-TM Minutes
List of subjects and speakers of CRG-Technical Meetings since 2010 


Safety Installation Supervisors and Referee Experts
Safety Code A9
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