Administrative support

  • TE-PPR Group Leader: Lisette van den Boogaard
  • TE-PPR Deputy Group Leader: Valeria Perez Reale
  • Departmental Planning Officer: Lisette van den Boogaard
  • Departmental Planning Officer Assistant: Lisa Salvi
  • Departmental Administrative and Training Officer DAO & DTO: Georgina Hobgen
  • Departmental DAO & DTO Assistant: Mariane Catallon
  • Technical & Office Space Management: Brigitte Grenu
  • Department Head Office Assistant: Maria Llorente

Group Secretariats

Section Leader TE-PPR-AGS: Maria Llorente

  • Accelerator Beam Transfer (ABT):  Lucie Mainoli and Athanasia Pantazi
  • Cryogenics (CRG):  Caroline Cazenoves
  • Electrical Power Converters (EPC): Sophie Gardette
  • Machine Protection & Electrical Integrity (MPE): Macarena Gonzalez Torres
  • Magnets, Superconductors & Cryostats (MSC):  Carnita Hervet
  • Vacuum, Surfaces & Coatings (VSC): Patricia Clerc


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